Miranda Lam

Instructor, marketing and administration

Miranda has a background in gymnastics and ballroom dancing. She started dancing West Coast Swing in 2016. Fascinated about the possibilities of creativity and improvisation both leaders and followers have in this dance she started travelling around the world continiously to take classes from world’s best instructors, to train, to social dance and to compete. Miranda is certified in the Swing Literacy Development Method.

On the social dance floor Miranda is known for her creativity, styling and footwork and for making the dance fun for all her partners no matter their dance level. In her classes she strives to learn you how to create your own dance, not how to dance endless patterns. She is passionate about helping her students reach their dance goals.

She is dedicated to build and grow the West Coast Swing community in Utrecht and across the Netherlands. She shares her passion for the dance in her personal blog on westcoastswing.mirandalam.nl, and runs the website www.westcoastswingthenetherlands.com.