Beginner Bootcamps (2 levels)

Learn to dance West Coast Swing

A few times per year we organize beginner bootcamps on 2 levels. These bootcamps are designed for anyone with little or no dance experience, and for dancers who would like to refresh their basics, to have you dancing around within a few hours.

Beginners 1:

No experience required to follow or Beginners 1 bootcamp. In 3 hours we will teach you:

  • The fundamental skills of West Coast Swing
  • How to start the dance
  • Basic side passes and pushes
  • Basic 8-count pattern (whip)

Beginners 2:

This class is for you if you followed our Beginners 1 bootcamp, or you have taken some West Coast Swing classes, but you don’t feel quite ready for an intermediate class, or if you want to refine your basics!

In the beginners 2 bootcamp we will teach you:

  • Refinement of the West Coast Swing fundamentals
  • Variations on the 6-count passes and pushes
  • Variations on the 8 count patterns