Level Up! workshops

Level-up your West Coast Swing dancing in our Level Up! Workshops

Our Level Up! workshops are designed to encourage personal growth in a supportive environment. Work on your personal skills and your partnership skills to level up your dancing!

The Goal of our Level Up workshops:

  • Improve your quality of movement
  • Enhance your connection and partnership
  • Improve your musical interpretation skills.
  • Support you and keep you progressing as you develop your dance
  • Ensure everyone has a positive, engaging, and supportive learning experience.

Who can participate:
Those who have completed our Beginner Bootcamp Level 1 ánd 2 or have instructor approval.

We expect you have knowledge of basic fundamentals of WCS and know how to dance basic 6-count and 8-count patterns (leftside pass, underarm pass, sugar push, sugar tuck turn, whip).

Keep an eye on our calendar and news items for new dates or send us an e-mail for more information!