Westie Critique Session

The opportunity for dancers of any level to get individualized feedback in a friendly and safe environment

The goal of Westie Critique Session:

The goal of Westie Critique Session is to facilitate growth of our dancing through the support of making mistakes, pushing ourselves and each other, and being there for each other to catch when we fall!
In the meantime it’s a nice way to build our community by supporting and helping each other achieving our dance goals. 😉

How it Works:

  • We start with a  warm-up
  • Leads and follows are randomly paired and ordered (like in a Jack n’ Jill competition)
  • Each dancer shares what he/she is working on improving in his/her dance (we encourage focusing on one thing at a time)
  • Each couple will dance – spotlight-style (great for video!) – to approximately 2 minutes of music with the option to receive real-time feedback.
  • The other attendees provide helpful tips, tricks, techniques, and suggestions in a follow-up feedback session.
  • The couple will then get the chance to immediately implement the new feedback in a second spotlight dance to the same song, with the same partner.

How to prepare:

  • Decide what you want to work on. This can be styling, technique, partnership, musicality, performance/presentation.
    To help you decide where to work on, e.g  you can watch video’s from your competition, use feedback from your teacher or a friend, or us the feedback from a previous Westie Critique Session.
  • Practise the new concept the weeks before the actual Westie Critique Session.

Who can participate:

Any West Coast Swing dancers who feels comfortable dancing the basics (push, pass, whip)